Rooster sauce Riesling

Rooster sauceRiesling

- 3,3lb chicken - 3tbsp butter
- 2tbsp cognac
- 2shallots minced
- 11/4 cup Riesling
- ¼ pint heavy cream
- 5 fresh mushrooms sliced
- 1/8tsp pepper
- 1/8tsp salt -1tbsp chopped fresh parsley

Cut chicken into 4serving pieces. Place butter in a 10° skillet. When melted add chicken pieces and brown quickly on skin side. Flame with Cognac. Remove pieces from pan and set them aside. To the pan add shallots and sauté one minute, and then add wine, cream, mushrooms, salt and pepper. Mix ingredients well. When sauce is smooth, put back chicken pieces, cover the terrine and cook over low heat for approximately 30 minutes or until tender. Remove cover and cook 10 minutes more to reduce sauce. Put the pieces of chicken in a bowl shoves during 1h10mn 1h30mn putting in the oven between 160 ° and 180 ° centigrade

Place Cognac in a ladle, tip it towards the flame and it will catch fire. Transfer this fire to the pan. Flames die down in 1 minute. This tenderizes the chicken

before first use immerse the pot 12h in cold water
- Riesling

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