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Chicken house

Chicken house (bowl # 1 / 40cm) or Chicken house (bowl # 0 / 45cm)

For 4 people: 1 chicken 1kg500 / mustard / 10 garlic cloves unpeeled small Swiss / salt / pepper (pepper or garlic) / 1 clay bowl.

Fill the inside of chicken with 10 cloves of unpeeled garlic add a petit Suisse or Creamy cheese .
*. Brush the entire chicken with mustard with a brush. Then add salt and pepper on the chicken.
Pour 30 ounces of water (or broth) in a clay pot. Place the chicken and close the lid.
Bake for 1 hour 30 minutes at 250 ° (T ° 7-8).

Very easy to make recipe that appeals to all tastes.

Before first use, immerse the pots 12 hours in cold water. dry and Cook 2cm Milk in the terrine ,in the oven at 250 ° as soon as the milk quivers we stop everything let cool and the pottery

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